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 *               Currently we are researching changes in food crop magnesium, calcium and Ca:Mg ratios over time. 

Background:  With the Green Revolution of the 1960’s, yield increased dramatically in food crops, saving a world population in logarithmic growth from mass starvation.  Now plant and soils scientists find that those crops are lower in some minerals and other micro-nutrients needed by humans than in the past.  Our research project seeks to quantify such changes in terms of impact on human nutrition.   

Center Participation:  Early studies of this work were presented at the Farmers' Forum, Saskatoon in November, 2011. 

More advanced research will be presented in May of 2012 at the International Symposium on Magnesium in Crop Production, Food Quality and Human Health.           

*             We are also currently working on Transdermal Delivery of Magnesium Salts in Human Skin.


*             We are currently working on a meta-analysis of Magnesium Supplements for Hypertension studies.


Past Events Sponsored by the Center


Magnesium Symposium at Experimental Biology, 2010

Presentation at the United Nations Association Annual Meeting, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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