Mission:  CMER Center for Magnesium Education & Research is dedicated to the Health of Humankind by promoting knowledge of nutritional magnesium and its peer-reviewed science.


We are Independent Scholars



Dr. Andrea Rosanoff

Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D. is Director of Research & Science Information Outreach for the Center.

In 1982, Andrea Rosanoff received her Ph.D. degree in Nutrition from the University of California at Berkeley. 

In 1985, Dr. Andrea Rosanoff was invited to give a short commentary upon an environmental technology proposal that included magnesium.  To prepare, she went to the library to learn what she could about magnesium and was surprised to find research that linked nutritional magnesium both clinically and in population studies to heart disease -- the largest killer in her country, the United States.  These were links she had not learned about during her graduate education which specialized in the nutritional minerals.  Her interest piqued, Dr. Rosanoff kept reading about magnesium every chance she got at her jobs as Senior Chemical Information Specialist at Dialog Information Services and as Information Analyst at Chevron Research & Technology Corporation.  At both jobs she became adept at online searching of the peer reviewed scientific literature, a skill which serves her well today as an Independent Scholar  with expertise in Nutritional Magnesium.

By the late 1990’s, Dr. Rosanoff ‘s “hobby” evolved into co-authorship  with Dr. Mildred Seelig in the writing of “The Magnesium Factor”, a book on magnesium and heart disease, and from there to original research and publication in scientific journals.   In 2005, Dr. Rosanoff formed the Center for Magnesium Education & Research, LLC.  The center conducts research into all aspects of nutritional magnesium and attempts to inform the world of their findings.


Michael Plesset  is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center.  He is our mathematician.

 Michael Plesset did undergraduate and graduate work in mathematics.  Mike has had over 60 years experience in applied mathematics, statistics, and computer software and hardware.  He worked in technical and management positions at the Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory for 19 years, where he was Director of Computing and Information Systems. He later worked at The Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit corporation providing technology consultation to the U.S. Air Force, and three early stage companies in the personal computer industry. He developed a Monte Carlo technique for solving complex problems with multiple statistical variables. He has testified as an expert witness on computer matters in two cases in U.S. Federal Court. He lives in San Gabriel, California with his wife Shu Mei.



Rebecca Bortz Costello, Ph.D., researched and wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on   Magnesium status in patients with heart disease. She has retained her avid interest in Magnesium ever since. Dr. Costello retired from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) in September 2011 where she served as Director of Grants and Extramural Activities and continues to work with ODS as a part-time scientific consultant.

 Prior to her NIH appointment, Dr. Costello was with the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences, serving as Project Director for the Committee on Military Nutrition Research. Her work focused on evaluating the nutritional adequacy and use of nutritional supplements for sustaining and enhancing performance in military personnel.

 Dr. Costello believes her most rewarding job was when she served as a Research Associate and Program Director for the Risk Factor Reduction Center, a referral center at the Washington Adventist Hospital for the detection, modification, and prevention of cardiovascular disease through dietary and/or drug interventions. 

 Dr. Costello received a B.S. and M.S. in biology from the American University, Washington, D.C., and a Ph.D. in clinical nutrition from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1994. Her clinical research focused on the assessment of magnesium status in patients with congestive heart failure.

 Dr. Costello maintains active membership in the American Society for Nutrition, American Heart Association, Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium, and the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation. She is also an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. She continues to write and review articles for professional journals, and has been an invited speaker at numerous professional meetings.

She is totally enthusiastic to work with the team of scientists at CMER to promote the science and explore aspects of magnesium’s role in maintaining health and in disease prevention.


Taylor C. Wallace , Ph.D., CFS. FACN is Research Fellow at The Center. He has a PhD and an MS in Food Science and Nutrition from the Ohio State University and a BS in Food Science and Technology from the University of  Kentucky.                  

 Dr. Taylor is Principal & CEO at the Think Healthy Group and a Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at George Mason University. Prior to that he served as the Senior Director of Science Policy and Governement Relations at the National Osteoporosis Foundation and previously in senior leadership roles at the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the North American Branch of the International Life Sciences Instititue.  He has extensive experience in developing and implementing comrehensive and evidence based science, policy and legislative programs in the fields of nutrition and food science. 

Dr. Wallace has served on numerous boards most recently the Alliance for Food and Health, Institute of Food Technologists, Feeding Tomorrow, Phi Tau Sigma Honor Society and the Capital Pride Alliance.  He is a regularly sourced mainstream media expert, most frequently on the Dr. Oz Show and NBC4 Washingtion.  In his free time he manages and operates a large food and nutrition blog www/DrTaylorWallace.com that provides science- based nutrition, food safety, and food technolgy information to the public and the consumber media.  

Dr Wallace has published six academic textbooks and authored over 40 peer reviewed manuscripts and book chapters.  His academic research interests are in nutritional interventions (micronutrient and dietary components) to prevent the onset of chronic disease. See why Huffington Post called Dr. Taylor Wallace "the nations premier food and nutrition guru



  Emily Young Campbell, MD is a Research Fellow at the Center. She is a recent graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina and is completing her residency in Internal Medicine at Dartmouth. She also has a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of South Carolina. Prior to completing medical school, Emily managed several industry-sponsored clinical research trials investigating both new drugs and devices. She has an interest in studying nutritional interventions in treating and preventing human disease.







                In Memory of Dr. Mildred Seelig 1920 - 2005


 Mildred Seelig, M.D. provided the world with much medical knowledge of Magnesium during her 85 years.  She authored or co-authored several important research papers on Magnesium and wrote a major book on the subject (Magnesium in the Pathogenesis of Disease, Plenum Press, 1980).  She was instrumental in the beginnings of the International Magnesium Symposia which still meet every 3 years, helped start the Gordon Research Conferences in Magnesium, and began the American College of Nutrition where she served 12 years as editor in chief of their journal.  Her in-depth knowledge of Magnesium was matched by her enthusiasm for the subject and its importance in human health, and she encouraged many, many researchers to take up serious study of this fascinating mineral.   She was a wonderful mentor to many of us, and the world is lucky she served us and our future health so well.   Active and enthusiastic about Magnesium until her dying moment, Mildred was a wonderful mentor and model.  As a tribute to Mildred Seelig, M.D. we here provide a list of her scientific publications which span 44 years.  Many are still relevant. We provide here her last C.V as a tribute to her contribution to the world's knowledge of nutritional magnesium and its impact on human health. 


Mildred S. Seelig, M.D., MPH

August 20, 1920 - January 14, 2005


MARITAL STATUS: Widow - 2 children; 6 grandchildren


EDUCATION:   A.B.      Hunter College, New York, NY, 1942

M.D.     New York Medical College, 1945

M.P.H.  Columbia Univ School of Public Health, 1950

TRAINING: Interne (Rotating) Orange County Hospital, CA, 1945-1946

Health Officer-in Training, NYC Dept of Health, 1948-1950



New York Medical College, Pharmacology Department

Adjunct Assistant Professor, 1964-1971; Adjunct Associate Professor, 1971-1977

Goldwater Memorial Hospital, New York University Medical Center

Attending Physician, Nutrition and Metabolism, 1973-1983

Associate Professor, Clinical Medicine, 1979-1984

New York Medical College, Preventive/Community Medicine

Adjunct Professor, 1985-1992

Univ of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, School of Public Health

Adjunct Professor, Nutrition Department, 1992 to date

HONORS:   Silver Medal, French National Academy of Medicine

Honorary Scientific Consultant, Polish Academy of Science

Vice Chairman of 1st Gordon Research Conference on Magnesium

Chairman of 2nd Gordon Research Conference on Magnesium

First Master of the American College of Nutrition

Festschrift in Honor of MS Seelig: J Am Coll Nutr (Oct, 1994)

Mildred Seelig Award Lectureship of Great Lakes Medical Association 2000

Seelig Magnesium Award Lectureship of the American College of Nutrition 2000 -



Member of Board of Directors, 1974-1978

Vice President, 1978-1980,

President, 1980-1982, Executive Director, 1982-1994


EDITORSHIP of Journals:

Editor-in Chief of J of American College of Nutrition for 12 years (1982-1994)

Associate Editor, Magnesium Bulletin

"        "      J of Nutritional Medicine


BOOKS by MS Seelig:

1977. Editor: Nutritional Imbalances in Infant and Adult Diseases.

1979. Co-Editor: Nutrition and Cancer (with J Van Eys & B Nichols)

1980. Author: Magnesium in the Pathogenesis of Disease: Early Roots of

Cardiovascular, Skeletal and Renal Abnormalities. Publ: Plenum Press, NY

1980: Co-Editor: Magnesium in Health and Disease (with M Cantin)

1987: Co-Editor: Magnesium in Cellular Processes and Medicine (with BM Altura, & J Durlach).

2003: Co-Author: The Magnesium Factor; Prevention, Treatment and Reversal of  Cardiovascular Disease,  Publ. Avery, Penguin Putnam    (with Andrea Rosanoff)Note: Interviews by radio commentators concerning magnesium in health and disease, and concerning the book.




J American College of Nutrition

J Nutritional Biochemistry

J Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism


American J Clinical Nutrition

Archives of Internal Medicine

Nutrition Research

American J Hypertension

Nutrition: International J of Appl & Basic Nutr Sci

J of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

Southern Medical Journal



National Institute of Health, U.S.A.

National Science Foundation, U.S.A.

Department of Health & Welfare, Canada

Ministry of Health, Switzerland

Invited Panelist in Workshop on Magnesium Intervention Studies to Decrease   Incidence of Sudden  Cardiac Death (Bureau of Epidemiology, Dept Health  & Welfare, Ottawa, Canada) -- 1993-1994

Consultant for protocol, investigator selections for NIH-supported multi-institution study of Mg-infusions for acute myocardial infarction

Consultant for MAGIC study (by E Antman, Chief of Planning Committee, NIH) 1997-1998



1975: Planner and Chairman: Annual Meeting of American College of Nutrition:

Minerals, Vitamin D, and Cholesterol in Infant and Adult Diseases

1976: U.S.A. Coordinator of Program Planning Committee, & Vice President,

2nd International Symposium on Magnesium, Montreal, Canada

1977: Co-Chairman & Co-Planner, ACN Annual Meeting: Nutrition and Cancer

1978: Chairman & Planner, ACN Annual Meeting:  Early Roots of Cardiovascular Disease.

1978: Vice Chairman of1st Gordon Research Conf on Magnesium, Plymouth, NH

1979: Chairman of2nd Gordon Research Conf on Magnesium, Plymouth, NH

1979: Co-Chairman & Co-Planner, ACN Annual Meeting: Magnesium & Trace Substances in Hypertension and Renal Disease.

1981: U.S.A. Coordinator of Program Planning & Vice President, 3rd International Symposium on Magnesium, Baden Baden, Germany

1985: President and Program Planner, 4th Int'l Sympos on Magnesium, Blacksburg, VA

1993: Member of Program Planning Panel, Hospital Assoc of Canada; Toronto, Canada

Int'l Sympos on Nutritional Intervention in Medical Care,



1978: Scotland and England

- Univ of Edinburgh, Scotland: At invitation of John O Forfar, Chairman of Health & Life Dept, Moderated Program; lectured on Perinatal & Pediatric Origins of Cardiovascular Disease

- Freeman Hospital, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, at invitation of M Holden,Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon; lecture: Magnesium deficiency and therapy in cardiac disease.

- Univ of Leeds, at invitation of Nicholas J Birch, Prof of Biochemistry, lecture: Gestational and     neonatal magnesium deficiency.

- Univ of Manchester,Pediatrics Dept, at invitation of  Chairman,John O. Davis:  lecture: Magnesium     deficiency and excesses of vitamin D and phosphate in infancy.

- Univ of Surrey, Guildford, England, Symposium on Treatment of Fungal Infections, Co-Chaired Session on Fungal Endocarditis; lecture: Patients at risk of fungal endocarditis; diagnosis, treatment.

-1979: Finland

- University of Helsinki, Invited Lectures:Dietary imbalances in high incidence of cardiovascular disease in Finland, nutritional roots.

- to Department of Cardiology: Magnesium and the myocardium.

- Univ of Kuopio, Invited Lecture: Magnesium deficiency - effects on arteries and myocardium; retention of sodium, potassium and calcium.

- Univ of Kuopio, Staff of North Karelia Project, Research seminar, Lecture and Discussion: Nutritional imbalances (low Mg, high Ca, vitamin  D, phosphate, fat, and salt) prenatally and       in infancy and childhood; possible cardiovascular and renal damage.

- Univ of Helsinki, Central Hospital, Lecture: Deficiencies of magnesium & trace substances; carcinogenesis and impaired immunosurveillance.



 1966: Annual Meeting of Medical Mycology Society of New York. Invited Lecture:Research approaches to the problem of antibiotics' effects on host defenses against  Candida albicans.

1967: Annual Meeting of American Society for Microbiology. Invited Lecture:Antibiotic effect on intestinal flora and host immunologic defenses.

1968: Conference on Pathogenesis and Clinical Significance of Magnesium Deficiency at NY Acad Sciences. Chaired Session; Plenary lecture in session on Role of Chronic Alcoholism  in Magnesium Deficiency: ECG patterns of magnesium depletion in alcoholic heart disease.

1970: Harvard School of Public Health, Invited Lecture: Are opportunistic fungi solely a matter of deficient mechanisms in the host?

1970: Annual Meeting of American Society for Microbiology. Invited Lecture: Antibiotic effect on intestinal flora and host immunologic defenses.

1970: Annual Meeting of International Study Group for Research in Cardiac Metabolism, Stowe, VT: Invited Lecture: Myocardial loss of functional magnesium.

1971: Chaired Plenary Session on Magnesium and the Cardiovascular System at First Int'l

Magnesium Sympos, Vittel, France; Plenary Lecture: Magnesium requirements.

1972: Symposium on Magnesium in Environment, Fort Valley State College, GA Invited Plenary  Lecture: Contribution of magnesium deficit to human disease (Lecture given by Co-Author, George E. Bunce-conflict with WHO meeting in Madrid.)

1972: WHO Workshop on Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease, Madrid, Spain. Plenary Lecture,  with Alexander Heggtveit:  Magnesium interrelations in ischemic heart disease.

1972: Invited Lectures on Diagnosis of Candida Endocarditis

- City-wide closed circuit TV program on Infectious Disease

Conference of University of Cincinnati Medical School

- Medical Seminar at College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia Univ

- Grand Rounds at Commomnwealth of Virginia Medical College, Richmond

- City-wide Infectious Disease Conference, San Francisco

- Research Seminar: New Approaches - Diagnosis of Systemic Candidiasis, and Joint Infectious Disease/Cardiac Surgery Meeting, Stanford Univ Medical Center, Palo Alto

- Medical Grand Rounds, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY.

1974: Emory University College of Medicine, Invited Lectures:

- Dept of Preventive Medicine: Magnesium requirements; role of magnesium deficit in disease.

- Department of Cardiology: Role of magnesium deficit in cardiology.

1974: Invited Lecture at Center for Disease Control, Atlanta: Candida  serology; diagnosis & response to therapy of systemic candidiasis.

1974: Invited Lectures at Wisconsin University:

- Depts of Nutrition & Biochemistry: Magnesium requirements and deficits in clinical disease.

- Dept of Biochemistry: Toxicities of Vitamin D and related sterols.

1976: 2nd Int'l Magnesium Symposium, Montreal, Canada; Plenary Session

Chairman on Magnesium & Cardiovascular System; gave 2 Plenary Session Lectures, with  Francis J. Haddy (published, see 1980).

1976: Portland Med Ctr, Maine. Invited Lecture: Magnesium & heart disease.

1976: Grand Rounds, Mt Sinai Hospl, Elmhurst, NY: Magnesium in heart disease.

1977: 2nd Workshop on Vitamin D, California: Individual differences in  susceptibility to vitamin D- induced cardiovascular and renal damage; need to identify toxic metabolites.

1977: Roche Institute, Depts of Biochemical Nutrition, Cell Biology, & Immunology, Invited Lecture. Pharmacologic doses of anti-oxidant vitamins as possibly protective against D- penicillamine toxicity.

1977: New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry, Invited Lectures: - Dept of Medicine, Martland Hospital. D-penicillamine and cirrhosis.

- Dept of Oral Biology. Candidiasis and the immune system.

1978: Uniformed Services Univ of Health Sciences, Dept of Physiology.

Bethesda Invited Lecture: Magnesium and cardiovascular disease.

1978: U.S. Dept of Agriculture Clinical Research Unit, Invited Lecture: Magnesium deficiency and  excesses of vitamin D and phosphate in  development of premature cardiovascular disease.

1979: Sympos on Inorganic & Nutritional Aspects of Cancer, Univ of San Diego, La Jolla, CA.  Plenary Lecture: Magnesium and trace substances in the pathogenesis of cancer.

1979: U.S Dept of Agrice Res Unit, Grand Fork, ND. Invited Lecture: Pre- and perinatal Mg  deficiency and other contributory nutritional factors in early onset cardiovascular disease.

1979: Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Postgraduate Course, Invited Lecture: Magnesium in pregnancy and the newborn.

1979: Cardiology Grand Rounds, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NY, NY. Invited Lecture: Magnesium's role in protecting the myocardium and against  dysryhthmias in cardiac surgery and after acute  myocardial infarction.

1979: Stress Symposium of the Selye Foundation, Monaco. Invited Lecture: Magnesium and stress.

1980: Fox Chase Institute of Cancer Research, Philadelphia. Invited Lecture: Magnesium; trace  substance deficiencies in pathogenesis of cancer.

1980: Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Postgraduate Course, Invited Lecture: Magnesium and the heart; treatment.

1980: Postgraduate Course at Northshore Univ Hospital. Invited Lectures:-Prenatal and neonatal mineral deficiencies.

- Nutritional roots of combined system disorders.

-1980:  Int'l Sympos on Malnutrition in Pregnancy, Rome, Italy. Invited Lecture: Magnesium deficiency in gestational and neonatal disorders.

1981: 5th Nat'l Sympos on Nutrition in Pregnancy, Univ of Louisville KY: Magnesium deficiency in gestational and infantile disorders.

1981: 3rd Int'l Sympos on Magnesium, Baden, Baden Germany, Plenary Lecture: Magnesium requirements in human nutrition.

1981: Seelig MS, Berger AR, Alba A, Sundar RP, Samaan NS, Becker MH: Magnesium treatment of myositis ossificans progressiva: Preliminary case report. 22nd Annual  Meeting of Am College of Nutrition, Bethesda, MD, September 14-15.

1982: Boston Univ School of Medicine, Sympos on Intervention in the Aging Process. Invited Lecture: Possible roles of magnesium deficiency in aging.

1983: Swedish Cardiology Society Symposium. Invited Lecture: Possible  contribution of magnesium  deficiency to vulnerability of myocardium to ischemia.

1984: 1st European Congress on Magnesium, Lisbon, Portugal. Invited Lectures:

- Magnesium treatment of myositis ossificans progressiva.

- Magnesium deficiency and heart disease.

1984: British Cardiology Society, London, England. Invited Lecture: Possible contribution of intracellular shifts of myocardial magnesium to myocardial dysfunction of ischemia.

1984: Conference on Electrolytes and the Heart, Montveillon, France (unable to attend because of husband’s illness; invited John Sheehan to  co-author and attend Conference). Invited Lecture: Effect of magnesium treatment of arrhythmia associated with potassium loss.

1985: 4th Int'l Magnesium Symposium, Blacksburg, VA. Plenary Lectures:

- Effect of magnesium treatment in refractory arrhythmias (with J Sheehan)

- Rationale for treatment of calcinosis with magnesium.

1986: 2nd Europ Congr on Magnesium,Stockholm, Sweden.Plenary Lect.Magnesium requirements

1987: NY Medical College, Award Lecture: Magnesium;  trace minerals in cardiovascular disease.

1988: Workshop on Magnesium and Cardiovascular disease, NY, NY. Invited Lecture: See Am J Cardiology, 1989, publications section for title.

1989: Univ of South Carolina Medical Center, Medical Dept. Invited Lecture: Magnesium in epidemiology & treatment of cardiovascular disease.

1989: 2nd Meeting of Int'l Association for Vitamin and Nutritional Oncology. Plenary Lecture: Magnesium/Nutrient Interactions in carcinogenesis.

1992: Seelig MS: Research into Magnesium and Diabetes Mellitus. Consensus Panel, American Diabetes Association, New York City

1993: Seelig MS: Magnesium in immunologic abnormalities including asthma and other manifestations of allergy. Harman Award Lecture at Conference of American College for Advancement in Medicine, Minneapolis

1993: Seelig MS: Perinatal magnesium deficiency. Maimonides Med Ctr, NY

1995: Seelig MS: Use and misuse of pharmacologic doses of magnesium in eclampsia,  myocardial infarction, asthma and as a cathartic or antacid .Metropolitan Atlanta Nutrition Association.

1995: Seelig MS & Elin RJ: Plenary Lecture: Is there a place for Mg in Acute Myocardial

Infarction. At Vienna Conference at European Society of Magnesium

1996: Seelig MS: Mg in Acute Myocardial Infarction.at Cardiol Dept., NY Med Coll

Mg deficiency in pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease Physiol & Cardiol Dept,G Washington Univ, D.C.

Mg in the SAD (sudden arrhythmic death) Syndrome  Salt Lake City Med Ctr

1996: Seelig MS: Is there a place for magnesium in the treatment of acute myocardial  infarction?

5th European Magnesium Congress., Austria, June 16.

1996: Seelig MS: Might magnesium deficiency play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome?

Plenary Session paper at October 1996 Joint Meeting of the American College of Nutrition and the American Association for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1997: Seelig MS, , Kenneth Weaver, Kay B. Franz, Burton M Altura: Suboptimal gestational magnesium: contributory to low birth weight and vascular infantile and adult disease.

Poster at Symposium on Advances in Clinical Nutrition, Am Coll Nutr, September

1997: Seelig MS: Magnesium inadequacy in conditions with the long QT, possibly including the  SAD syndrome. Eighth International Symposium on Magnesium, Crete Greece

1997: Seelig MS: Grand Rounds: Mg in heart disease. St Vincent Hosp, Indianapolis

Mg in Acute Myocardial Infarction. Indiana Heart Institute 

Similarities between latent tetany syndrome of Mg deficiency and the chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia     Univ of Illinois, Peoria

1998: Seelig MS: Might patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome have latent tetany of  magnesium deficiency? Plenary presentation, 6th Europ Mg Congress, Budapest                  

1998: Franz KV, Seelig MS: New dietary recommendations for magnesium, calcium , phosphorus, and vitamin D; some concerns.  (presentation, 6th Europ Mg Congress, Budapest.)

1999: Seelig MS: Occult magnesium deficiency, insulin resistance and the cardiovascular metabolic disease syndrome. Gordon Research Conference on Mg

1999: Seelig MS:Stress Reactions in Magnesium Deficiency. presentation at International Congress for Assessment of Stress Intensity and Stress compatibility in  Large Groups,  Austria,  Nov.

2000: Seelig MS: Plenary Session Talks: at International Association of International &  American Nutrition, August 25-27, 2000. Las Vegas, Nevada

1. Who is deficient in Mg and how do we recognize the deficiency

2. Mg as nature=s Ca-blocker

2000: Seelig MS: Epidemiologic data on magnesium deficiency associated cardiovascular disease  and  osteoporosis: consideration of risks of current recommendations for high calcium  intakes.  At 9th International Magnesium Symposium,  September 10-15, 2000. Vichy, France

2000: Seelig MS: Epidemiology of water magnesium: evidence of contributions to health. At 9th International Magnesium Symposium,   September 10-15, 2000.. Vichy,  France

2000: Origins & development of my interest in Mg. Mildred S Seelig Award Lecture, at Great  Lakes  Medical Association. September 17-18, 2000, Pittsburgh, PA

2000: Magnesium deficiency: dietary practices that intensify the problem. Annual Seelig Award Lecture, at Annual Meeting of the American College of Nutrition. October 12-15,  2000, Las Vegas, Nevada

2001: Likelihood that prenatal Mg deficiency is contributory to low birth weight and to early  onset cardiovascular disease. Gordon Research Conf, CA

2003. Seelig MS, Burton BM, AlturaBT:Mental benefits of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) in postmenopausal women; risks of cognitive loss and dementia intensified by ignoring importance of magnesium.  At 10th International Magnesium Symposium, Cairns, Australia, September, 2003. (Publ,  J Am Coll Nutr, 2004)

2003. Seelig MS, Burton BM, AlturaBT:  Cardovascular and skeletal benefits of estrogen  replacement therapy in healthy postmenopausal women; risks intensified by ignoring importance of magnesium. At 10th International Magnesium Symposium, Cairns, Australia,  September, 2003.  (Publ,  J Am Coll Nutr, 2004)

2003: Rosanoff A, Seelig MS: Comparison of mechanism and functional effects of magnesium and statin pharmaceuticals.  At 10th International Magnesium Symposium, Cairns, Australia,   September, 2003. (Publ: J Am Coll Nutr, 2004)

2004:  Seelig MS: Value of raising the magnesium to calcium intake ratio for health. (European Congress on Magnesium, Cluj, Romania, in Press)

Seelig MS: Caution: Increased Calcium to Prevent Osteoporosis Requires  Increased Magnesium for Cardiovascular Health (Third International Congress on Cardiology, Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 2004)

Seelig MS: Caution: Increased Calcium to Prevent Osteoporosis Requires Increased Magnesium for Health(Zumkley Magnesium Award Lecture, 10th International Clinical Nutrition Symposium, Phuket, Thailand, December, 2004)



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