C.M.E.R. Center for Magnesium Education & Research
“CMER is dedicated to the health of humankind by promoting knowledge of nutritional magnesium and its peer-reviewed science.”

What is CMER?
CMER is a group of Independent Scholars that gathered to support one another’s efforts to promote knowledge and use of the peer-reviewed science on magnesium in medicine and health.

Emily Young-Campbell, M.D.
Research Fellow

Emily Young Campbell, MD is a Research Fellow at the Center. She is a recent graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina and is completing her residency in Internal Medicine at Dartmouth. She also has a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of South Carolina. Prior to completing medical school, Emily managed several industry-sponsored clinical research trials investigating both new drugs and devices. She has an interest in studying nutritional interventions in treating and preventing human disease.