Research Article Challenges Magnesium Intake Limits, Proposes Re-evaluation

On July 22, prominent researchers, Dr. Rebecca Costello, Dr. Andrea Rosanoff, Dr. Forrest Nielsen, and Dr. Christina West, unveiled a groundbreaking scientific perspective on magnesium intake in their article titled “[Perspective: Call for Re-evaluation of the Tolerable Upper Intake Level for Magnesium Supplementation in Adults].”

Published in Science Direct, this pivotal study presents a compelling argument challenging the existing beliefs surrounding magnesium (Mg) intake and advocates for the reconsideration of the current tolerable upper intake level (UL) set in 1997. At that time, concerns about potential diarrhea issues had led to the establishment of a conservative threshold, hindering the exploration of higher magnesium dosages.

By meticulously examining and questioning these concerns, the researchers propose the need to raise the upper limit, potentially leading to increased magnesium supplementation. This, in turn, could reduce the prevalence of undernutrition for this vital nutrient and offer enhanced protection against a multitude of chronic diseases.

For additional information on the study and its findings, please visit the following link:

CMER Sr. Research Fellow, R.B. Costello presented a poster at the recent ASN meeting

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